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NWS is a metal building and envelope specialist. We design, supply and install all types of industrial cladding systems.

Metal buildings come in all shapes and sizes, where design and constructibility constraints require different approaches. We are experts in the design, supply, and installation of the following metal buildings applications. Please contact our office to inquire further.

Cost Effective and Reliable

Conventional cladding and Roofing systems

Tried and tested. These field assembled systems have stood the tests of time and are suitable for all industrial applications, and buildings of all sizes (large or small). Features include:

Rigid Frame Design

Pre-Engineered Buildings

NWS Construction is your source for industrial pre-engineered buildings. We supply our clients with customized and design build buildings, which will meet the project standards and specifications. The following items can be provided as part of the pre-engineered building design:

Quick to install

Insulated Metal Panels

Lightweight, high strength, and energy efficient. These LEED conforming panels are modular in nature, reducing the labour required to install. Ideal for buildings of all sizes. Additional features include:

Other / Misc

In addition to metal buildings, NWS also performs other anciliary scopes, such as:


Self Framer Buildings

Lightweight and durable, these frameless structures are ideal for small buildings.